Las mejores actividades en Fluoir

Descubre la ciudad a través de los ojos de sus habitantes. Encuentra las mejores actividades y lugares para comer y recibe consejos invaluables de la gente que vive ahí.

Lugares favoritos de los habitantes locales

La guía definitiva para descubrir los mejores parques, restaurantes, monumentos y sitios de interés, según los propios habitantes de la ciudad

1. Secret Lagoon Hot Spring
50recomendaciones locales
Hafdís: “Natural hot spring Secret Lagoon natural hot springs are located in the small village called Fludir ...” ·
2. Sindri Bakari Cafe
15recomendaciones locales
Inga: “Old school bakery, I just found this one a few days ago (July 2017) and I can not wait to go back. R...” ·
3. Hrunalaug
12recomendaciones locales
Lea Helga
Lea Helga: “Hruni is a natural pool, located in the middle of nowhere :) Relatively easy to find, just before ar...” ·
4. Minilik Restaurant
19recomendaciones locales
Hermann + Johanna
Hermann + Johanna: “Minilik Ethiopian Restaurant Sweet-faced Azeb cooks up traditional Ethiopian specialities in this we...” ·
5. Farmer’s Bistro
8 Garðastígur
10recomendaciones locales
Vilborg: “Open 12-16, at least that is the fact in autumn 2017. The main mushroom production for Iceland. Serv...” ·
6. Skálholt Cathedral
8recomendaciones locales
Hrafnhildur (HABBY)
Hrafnhildur (HABBY): “Skálholt in Biskupstungur is one of Iceland´s most important historic sites. Christianity was made s...” ·
7. Vínbúðin
7recomendaciones locales
Gréta: “Here you can buy alcohol. In Iceland Vínbúðin is the only place where you can buy beer and other alc...” ·
8. Útlaginn
3recomendaciones locales
Erling: “The only pub in Fludir, often have some bands playing in the weekends.” ·
9. Flúðalaug
4recomendaciones locales
Erna Elínbjörg
Erna Elínbjörg: “Our local swimming pool. It is 25 meters long, has two hot tubs and a steam bath. Winter opening: ...” ·
10. Garðyrkjustöðin Silfurtúni
1recomendaciones locales
Erna Elínbjörg
Erna Elínbjörg: “A tiny shed next to the greenhouses where you can buy strawberries and tomatoes straight from the fa...”
11. Flúðir
17recomendaciones locales
Hjálmar & Katrín
Hjálmar & Katrín: “Not far from the cabin (30 min drive). A geothermal town with lots of local farmers selling their v...” ·
12. Icelandair Hotel Fludir
3recomendaciones locales
Jón: “Is a small village close by the house, 8 km (10 minutes drive). Geothermal heat is utilised for gree...” ·
13. Tjaldsvæði Flúðum
1recomendaciones locales
Gréta: “The swimming pool at Flúðir”
14. Litla Melabúðin
1recomendaciones locales
Björg: “A cute, little shop with fresh vegetables and produce. Cheaper than supermarkets.”
15. N1 Gas Station
6recomendaciones locales
Silke: “Gas station and bus station” ·
16. Secret Local Adventures
1recomendaciones locales
Erna Elínbjörg
Erna Elínbjörg: “A family run company with local guides and Super- jeep highland tours. We have travelled with them a...”
17. Samkaup Strax
5recomendaciones locales
Bjarney: “Opening hours sep - may: Opening hours june - august: mon-fri: 9-19 ...” ·
18. Restaurant Hótel Flúðir
1recomendaciones locales
Arndis: “Restaurant”