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Foro musical
“Great concerts and night life. Check their website for events and performances. They also have good food here ”
  • Recomendado por 35 personas locales
“Fantastic food...unique "outdoor but indoor" dining experience. perfect for brunch on a nice day.”
  • Recomendado por 43 personas locales
Tienda gourmet
“Gourmet food to go or dine! Absolutely for people traveling and want to eat properly. ”
  • Recomendado por 43 personas locales
“This is such a unique place, I have always been with others. Its a great place for events - book clubs, poetry readings, etc. but also just a great place in a hip neighborhood to grab a coffee or glass of wine and take in the charm. ”
  • Recomendado por 43 personas locales
Foro musical
“Indie live music venue. Check their website to see who is playing. Tickets are affordable. Rooftop patio next door with free movies during the Summer. ”
  • Recomendado por 39 personas locales
“Wonderful little place for breakfast, known for their pour-over coffee and espresso. Get the brisket hash, it's amazing!”
  • Recomendado por 40 personas locales
Tienda de pasteles
“*Emporium Pies $$ One of the best places that offer good pies. They offer homemade pies in different delicious flavors that will make you want to try them all. Also, the ambiance is very cozy and homey. Location: 314 N Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX 75208 (0.3 miles/ 1 min drive). ”
  • Recomendado por 31 personas locales
Tienda gourmet
“Gourmet Italian groceries, cheese and wine. They make their own pastas, desserts, meatballs and sausage. You can buy them frozen or have a sandwich and a glass of wine while you shop. Amazing Italian wines at great prices as well. ”
  • Recomendado por 43 personas locales

Centros comerciales

Consulta médica
“Going to the mall may not be everyone's definition of a great time, but if you want to consume, the NorthPark Center is an impressive venue for it. It's the second-largest mass of stores in the entire state of Texas and it ranks No. 21 in the US. You’ll find anything you need here from an Apple Store to Nike to North Face to a Tesla store and everything in between.”
  • Recomendado por 151 personas locales
Centro comercial
“Huge mall with everything you could want/need! The mall has a ice rink inside the middle of it. ”
  • Recomendado por 67 personas locales
Centro comercial
“Take the M line Trolley and stop by here to enjoy coffee from SipStir, cupcakes from Sprinkle, frozen yogurt from Yumilicious, beer and burger at Village Burger, wine at Cru, and so much more!”
  • Recomendado por 71 personas locales
Centro comercial
“Hands down the best mall in the Dallas area with high end and midlle of the road shops. There is also lots of dining options and a movie theater.”
  • Recomendado por 18 personas locales
Centro comercial
“The Shops at Park Lane the nearest outlet shopping mall near our guesthouse. Whole Foods, Ulta, Carter's , Sak's Fifth Ave, Nordstrom Rack, Starbucks... and a whole host of other great stores to explore. They also provide free movie screening on the lawn during Summer.”
  • Recomendado por 12 personas locales
Centro comercial
“Your premiere location for shopping, dining, and movies! Outdoor shopping is perfect for safe and fun times with your friends or family! ”
  • Recomendado por 14 personas locales
Centro comercial
“The first planned shopping center in the U.S. ( and the prototype for shopping centers all over the country, this unique Mediterranean Spanish-style development was constructed in 1931. Includes high-end designer stores, a grocery store and restaurants.”
  • Recomendado por 15 personas locales
Centro comercial
“If you want to go to the mall, this one's close by. Not as nice as the Galleria though!”
  • Recomendado por 5 personas locales


Restaurante italiano
“Eno's gets all the credit in our neighborhood, but Cibo Divino is WAAAYYYYY better. We love their honey and fig pizza for dessert. ”
  • Recomendado por 19 personas locales
“Amberjax Fish Market Grille brings a combination full-service restaurant and neighborhood fresh market that offers daily specials of seafood, oysters, handmade sides, soups and desserts.”
  • Recomendado por 1 persona local
“Japanese discount store, its fun to walk around and see the neat things they have. ”
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